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Nhận dạy anh văn miễn phí online

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Hi everyone, as someone who have much passion for english literature and grammatical rules in the English language, I would like to offer my proficiency for free as a teacher for anyone who needs to learn english, preferably if you are already quite confident yourself, I would like to add a touch here and there for your betterment
Why I offer it free
I have not enough charm and alluring features to be a popular teacher, hence I cannot stand in front of the class, and I don't want my talent to be wasted in futility by those who charge high fees yet have a low acquaintance with the language itself, who just want to get rich by teaching so called IELTS trick, who pays their assistant poorly
Hence I extend this offer to anyone who loves english, yet want it to be a fun journey, I offer my FB here, you can add friend and the apprenticeship starts,
My qualifications
https://www.dropbox.com/s/3v24c1v0mcol6 ... 2.jpg?dl=0
Được cảm ơn bởi: lobangtho91, Học tiếng Trung
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